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I have a line buying problem and will often buy several lines for a rod to find that perfect fit. Many of these are practically brand new, lawn/water cast only or for a backup spool, unless otherwise noted. Will split actual shipping with buyer and accept paypal and Venmo. Will likely add more lines as I organize my gear!
Single hand
Airflo Exceed in WF 3 6, 8. The 3, and 6 were fished for an afternoon and the 8 is brand new. $45 each
Airflo Ridge Clear Intermediate 6/7 – Fished a couple of days. SOLD
Airflo Ridge Delta S3 6/7 – Fished a couple of days. SOLD
SA Magnum – Test cast on water - $25
Rio Salmon Steelhead 8wt– Spooled as a spare for a trip $45
AF 9wt Distance Pro – Test cast - $40
Sage Quiet Taper WF 3 – On side fished, the other side brand new, SOLD

2 Handed lines
Airflo Skagit Scout 480 – new in package SOLD
Airflo Tactical Shooting heads in Int, S3, and S7. All 260gr, $35 feet long, and brand new in package. $20 each
Airflo Stream Float Integrated head and running line 4.5 wt. Test cast SOLD
Airflo Impact Running line 30 and 44lb. Spooled but never used SOLD
2 each Airflo Miracle Braid. Once was fished an afternoon, the other only spooled. SOLD
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Pm sent for the Airflow Exceed #5, the Stream float integrated head and running line 4.5 wt and the sage Quiet Taper wf3.

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