sink tips/multi-tip for 4wt line?


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I bought an Echo Euro-Nymph 10' 3wt, primarily for use from my float tube on mountain lakes. I have a 4wt double-taper floater on it that casts pretty well. I don't want to pack in multiple rods, spools, or lines, but I want to be able to get my fly down as well as fish dries on the surface.

I made some short (1-2 foot) lengths of various density sinking line with mono perfection loops on each end that I can place between the floating line and the leader. Is there a better system? I think Rio used to make a 4wt versitip line, but the new Versitip II only goes down to 5wt.

Any suggestions much appreciated!


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Versaleaders or polyleaders would be an option, thought not sure how they’d work on a double taper line.
You can also easily make your own multi-tip line.
Just cut the front taper off a old wf floater and add a loop. Then make whatever tips or heads you want. I think you’d be happier with 10-12’ tips or heads then really short ones like you described.


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When I throw streamers on my rod, I use a 12-16ft leader and attach split shot at two equidistant points. It turns the leader into a sort of makeshift sink tip. I'm not very knowledgeable about lake or streamer fishing, but it seems to work. I'm curious why no one else does this.
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