Trip Report Earning your Karma

Gonna be hot, so I was hoping to get some fishing in now before it's over until fall. It was 75 degrees this morning, although the water was a nice 58 or so.
Headed for a favorite piece of water for this year.
20210624_084257 (2).jpg
And because the wind was blowing 15mph I brought a 6wt CT to fish a black spider, a new partridge and orange, and a hot spot hares ear. That rod with 444SL line is awsome.
Some version of a hares ear seems to always work
20210624_084429 (2).jpg
But along the way I found the deleterius stuff of summer.
Took some time to clean up plastic watter bottles, a flip flow and the punctured donughnut and get them disposed of
And when I went back to fishing I was soon rewarded with a nice fish
20210624_083339 (2).jpg
on a simple stuarts black spider
and of course a fly tied with the hun skin got fish too.
20210624_084814 (2).jpg
20210624_085943 (2).jpg
A clean river is a healthy river. I'm willing to do my part, and the rewards are plentiful.

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
I like the three fly rig. All you need now is baggy waders, either a bamboo or old fiberglass rod and one of the lines that came out just after silk and you can go retro. Nice report.

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