Clearwater Steelhead Report

I have fished 3 days this week each day for about 3 hours. In these three days I have caught 2 steelhead and have seen one cuaght by another flyfisherman. The river seems to be fishing really well and yesterday there was 1000+ fish over lower granite dam. This is usually a good signal that things are picking up. I'm going to continue fishing the clearwater until the snake cools down, at which point I will head up to the mouth of the grande ronde.

Both fished were hooked with an intermediate clear sink tip, 6 to 7 feet of 8lb leader, and the almighty Freight Train fly to top it off. I have only caught 3 steelhead on the fly and all have been with the Freight Train. I suppose it is my favorite steelhead fly. The first steelhead was 25 inches a hatchery fish, the second was a much bigger wild steelhead(didn't measure, just let it go) that ripped line off my reel at a rate I've never witnessed before.

If anyone is in the area PM me and we can hook up. I'll be fishing everyday through the next two weeks.

No pics as I fish by myself and I don't trust myself wading up to my chest with my digital camera.


PS - Thanks William (inlander)! I caught that wild fish in one of the holes you told me about. I can't thank you enough.
i'm up in pullman. I am gearing up for some steelies. Where are you living/camping? I would like to fish a day or two next week, tues or thurs. I would be great to get some inside info from someone who has fished the clearwater for a few days. PM me back when you get a chance.
is a driftboat float on the clearwater logical?? not to ask a dumb question, but we spend a bunch of time in pomeroy, wa and was always curious....any insight would be greatly appreciated.
thanks-josh :beer2:

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