Please help a newbe with saltwater


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I've never tried it, but I hear casting a Spey rod overhead can get you out there better. Like others have said, the wind is pretty demoralizing when casting a one-hander.

Not sure if you can still fish there, but Washaway Beach (north side of the entrance to Willapa Bay) has kings and coho right off the beach....
Get up early, before everyone else. Enjoy the sunrise. Get some casts in, head back and make everyone breakfast. She won't mind you fishing much if you do it while she sleeps in with the kids and breakfast is ready when you get back. :D
Did that no luck at all I do know my son was killing little sculpin last night with a crappie rig. One hook had orange power eggs and the other hook had white power eggs hahaha.


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I don’t have a set up to fly fish the surf but I have good luck surf fishing out here for perch. I live in Hoquiam. If you ever get back out here and want to try again, I have some thoughts about how to translate that experience into fly fishing. Also, lots of recommendations about safety. Someday I’ll have the appropriate set up and will chase them myself.

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