Bows n Brookies

Big Rob

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Left the Snohomish area around 3:30am Friday, picked up a buddy and headed east, hoping to get on and off the water before the place burns. It was a new place for us, but after a tip from another buddy, fishing was hot and we had to go. In the short time before the tips and our arrival, the temps in the Wenatchee valley had increased. We had no idea if the bite was still on. This was a fly fishing only area, with a grueling portage. Both of us have pontoons, and gear......and it sucked. By 8am it was hot....and we arrived to find 65F water and quite a algae bloom. We had the lake to ourselves tho. Fish were all over in the 18-22' depth, but we got no takers. My striker 4 showed a strange band ranging from 10-14', and there we found brookies on the daphnia. Didnt have anything to match besides color, so mids in tan and green were offered. It was on....

rob1.jpg ted1.jpg

Getting out of this place was just as tough in the heat, and after a full day on the water. This place is worth it, with bows, cutts and brookies up to 18". Need to make some sort of dolly for the pontoons. Getting too old for packing in/packing out. #oldguysfishing

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