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Hard agree. Was on the ronde last week, grousing about not being able to fish while rowing my db. One of the other guys said he could row me. Within half an hour he had put my buddy’s 15 foot cat on the only rock in that stretch of river, and that was the end of that discussion.
double hard agree. If I'm not 100% of your skills, you're likely going to enjoy a day of fishing and not rowing


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I fished this section of the river on Friday morning and this wasn't there. The mishap most likely occurred over the weekend but could have happened Friday afternoon. Probably a novice tourist or local who was completely unfamiliar with this section of river--notorious for large and treacherous log jams. No experienced outfitter would attempt to navigate the right channel here as a collision with the log jam would be inevitable. I don't even attempt it with my kayak. The left side is indeed shallow and may require a little bit of dragging through a riffle, but it sure beats trashing a nice Hyde Drift boat. This one will be there for a while as this is main, central current and even when the water drops a bit, this boat is going to get sucked further into the log pile. I checked with the local fly shop on the way out of town and they were unware of this mishap.

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Boat looks like it got rescued Yesterday as it was not there this morning.

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I wonder whether it was the owner that recovered the boat or maybe someone else that grabbed it as salvage. Not sure of marine time law and how it relates to rivers but I'm assuming that it might be considered a shipwreck and open to anyone for salvage..? Would that even be considered as being possible..?


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Another river floating story, but with a good ending. I got to be a good Samaritan Tuesday and help someone avoid what looked like an accident waiting to happen. I was wade fishing a braided channel section of river and saw a Stream Tech raft coming down the river. The boatman dropped the hook at the end of an island where one side channel rejoined the river. He wanted to fish the nice slot in that side channel and got out of the raft and began wading toward his intended fishing position. Oh, his wife remained in the raft.

The boatman didn't anchor with hardly any scope to the anchor line, and the woman called out to her husband as the raft began drifting. He hollered back for her to let out more anchor line, but the raft was now drifting well into the center of the channel. So there she was, no longer drifting, but anchored roughly in the channel thalweg (deepest swiftest part). The boatman husband missed his fishing opportunity, and waded across the mouth of his side channel onto the far bank and hiked downstream to where his boat was now anchored.

I saw some rope hanging off the front of the raft and mentioned to the woman that it looked like a potential hazard. She said she was going to gather up the rope and throw it to Mike, her husband on the far bank. I suggested that what she should really do is pull up the anchor and row to the shallow riffle on the side where I was standing. Mike overheard me and said, "She can't row." So the wife coiled up the rope in a way that could not be thrown to her husband, but I figured she knew as much about throwing a rope and she did about rowing a boat. I was right; the rope landed in the river only 3 or 4 feet from the raft. Good thing in my estimation. If she had successfully thrown the rope to Mike and he pulled the bow of the raft his direction in that river current, I think it most likely that the raft would have flipped.

So I hollered to Mike that if he was OK with it, I might be able to wade out to the raft from my side of the river since I most always use a wading staff. He just asked if I could row. I said yes. It was fast water but not too deep on my side, so I was able to reach the raft. The hard part was climbing aboard, but I was able to. So I set down my rod and wading staff and took off my backpack, then pulled up the anchor and rowed the raft down to a small gravel bar on river left where Mike could hike downstream to. And all's well that ends well. They continued drifting down the river, and I walked back upstream to that side channel that Mike was going to fish but wasn't able to.


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A raft of sun worshippers, 1 male and 3 females, arrived at the Windy Point take out in a borrowed raft and only one oar. They had no idea where they were and had to bum a ride to get cell reception to tell the owner where to pick up the raft. The guy insisted on telling his story over and over to anyone that happened to walk within range. He started in on me and I interrupted him to tell him I'd already heard it. I don't exactly remember what happened to them as mindless dumb talk bounces off my ears.

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