Need help choosing a trolling motor for inflatable frameless pontoon.


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My oars are my trolling motor on my pontoon. I like how they let me vary speed and direction and the fact they don't add a bunch of weight. I don't like that they pretty much require me to troll backwards, which means I have to look over my shoulder a lot to make sure I'm clear of other boats and such....

My main gripe with trolling motors is the weight they add. Between the motor and the battery, you're talking at least 80 pounds. (This is a good reason to go with the 30-lb. thrust vs. a bigger motor, which I agree with the earlier poster doesn't add much power for the extra weight.) That makes everything about the fishing day harder, from loading up to setting up to launching to.... Those Canadian batteries mentioned earlier sound like a great solution to the problem of the big, heavy battery, and it would cut the total weight about in half, which almost makes me want to start using a trolling motor... almost.

I fished for years without a motor , just oars ,and finns . Well I got older ,and the wind got a bit stronger etc etc etc . I fish now with all three , you never know ,oars are there if needed , finns for steering ,and just to move slowly if wanted. Motor, and battery to get around more quickly, and to troll with .

Don't mind the setup ,and now have even went with a bit bigger one man pontoon, a bit bigger battery, and small trailer to transport, much easier to launch, and not have to put in the back of the pickup. just depends on how you want to do it. It's not a race ,and I take my time to setup , and launch, I have found out the fish haven't went anywhere ,and the lake is still there :D We are in Montana right now ,and have fished Hebgen several times, and that bigger boat, that bigger battery has been nice out on that lake ,with the wind that comes up almost daily . Plus the fishing has not been too bad :)


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The last two posts reminded me of the one time I really wish I had a motor, which is when the wind kicks up and you've got a long row back to the launch. That happens a lot, so....
Wind can be fun, as said in my previous reply to you. I got caught once on Strawberry in Utah in the wind, a nasty wind ,and white capping, and if you have heard of Strawberry ,it can get ugly, as do many large lakes , Hebgen is one also. Anyway it was a long row ,and I never fished a lake again in a pontoon without a good motor ,and battery . I like fishing ,rowing in the wind not so much .

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