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Emergency fishing regulations in response to drought begin July 1:

Check the Recreation Report in your zone for info

ODFW is implementing emergency regulations that will begin July 1 in several angling zones as Oregon faces a severe drought this summer, putting the state’s salmon, steelhead, trout and sturgeon at risk.

As always, the latest regulations are listed at the top of the Recreation Report – Fishing Report for each zone. Always check your angling zone before you go fishing.

These emergency regulations are in effect until Sept. 30, 2021 but may be lifted early or extended depending on conditions.

A summary of emergency regulations follows.

  • Fishing will close for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and trout from 2 p.m. until one hour before sunrise in some rivers and streams in the NW, SW, Willamette, Central, NE zones. (“Hoot owl” regulations to end fishing before water temperatures are at their warmest, which stresses fish.)
  • Nehalem River (NW Zone) will close to all angling. All other open streams in the NW Zone will be under “hoot owl” regulations.
  • The Deschutes River from the mouth to Sherars Falls will be under “hoot owl” regulations to protect fish.
  • Angling closure within 200 feet of mouths of tributaries in portions of the Umpqua and North Umpqua Rivers, to allow fish to gather in these cooler areas without angling pressure.
  • Other targeted angling closures in portions of the Rogue and Illinois Rivers to allow for salmon and steelhead facing tough conditions to migrate without angling pressure.
  • Hyatt and Howard Prairie Reservoirs in SW Zone are lifting all bag limits on all species due to extremely low water conditions that are becoming unsuitable for fish.
For full details, see the emergency regulations for your angling zone at https://myodfw.com/recreation-report/fishing-report/


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racked the rods when the temps first hit 90, have seen way too many dead big bow's floating around Crane Prairie during heat waves..considering it hasn't been below 95 for the past 10 days, reached 105+ for several days, and will stay in the mid to upper 90's for the next week, seems pretty reasonable...

My Sunriver neighbor has lived here for 35 years...has never seen a June even remotely this hot...keeps up, we're back to the coast somewhere


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The stay 200 ft away from all tributaries is a good one, but will remove one of my favorite n Umpqua spots for this year
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No more hot spotting
It is a step in the right direction for sure. Hopefully more steps to follow...

I hope this opens some eyes @WDFW for Washington, Idaho and Montana (MT does a pretty good job in this regard though).


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The Station hole up in the fly-waters is a go to spot for guides from mid July through Sept. I suspect it will be out of bounds since it's so close to steamboat creek, but, I haven't stretched a tape-measure across the distance from it to the creek. A lot of this will be subject to how you define where the trib starts etc. I avoid the camp-waters late season, but might poke around up there to see if/how the new regs affect folks up there.


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It’s going to be a difficult year for local NU businesses and guides, especially after the devastating fires from last summer. The fish need a break and our care as well. Maybe time to go to support local businesses but follow examples set by others (Lee Spencer etc.) and find ways to support the river but also protect the fish by cutting your hook off and just enjoying the grab/rise. For those with the means, book (and pay) a day or two with your favorite guide and either spend more time just casting, or don’t fish, or see if the days can be moved to late fall or winter.


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Last year the campground I was going to stay at caught fire two days before I was headed there. This year heat wave and emergency regs a week before I was going. I reckon I'm just going to give Oregon a rest for the foreseeable future.

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