New Blackstone electric griddle


I have been reading about and watching videos on the new Blackstone E 17'' model lately. It is designed for indoor use and uses a new type of nonstick surface-unlike the gas models that have to be seasoned. I have the 17'' gas model in my truck where it lives under the refrigerator and slides out when needed. However, it is in the house most of the time where I use it under the hood on the stove.

After reading the reviews-being a pushover for any interesting cooking device-I decided to order one. They apparently are only sold through Walmart and since that usually means free shipping I thought-what the hell, why not? It only cost $117 which is just pocket change for kitchen goods. But there was a catch. These things are so sold out that they are almost impossible to find and the company that was delivering for Walmart wanted $99 for shipping! That cooled my enthusiasm so now I'll wait and see if they ever show up again with no shipping. I want the new model for it's lack of propane, easy cleanup and nonstick surface but I'm getting great results from my gas model and only spent about $90 on it. It seems like an excellent well built piece for what little I paid for it, far more useful than the Weber gas grill I replaced with it.


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Well, it now turns out that Walmart and Blackstone both love me now. :D
All kinds of info coming my way including this rather interesting gas/electric combo.

I didn't realize they had so many variations of their product and am contemplating a smaller lp unit to take the bacon, sausage, etc. cooking outdoors rather than stinking and smoking up the house.

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