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Friday noon to 6.

Steady breezes all day and cool temperatures.

A sinking green damsel caught my first 3 fish, 2 in the reeds and one in open water. This was successful casting to where fish showed themselves.

Widely scattered surface rises prompted me to put on a sparkle dun, my go to callibaetis pattern. This brought in another half dozen in open water. I never saw a callibaetis but did see wriggling damsel nymphs out in open water, so I am not sure exactly why they were looking up. It occurred to me that the body and shuck of the sparkle dun, especially once slimed and in the surface film or below, were the right size for a damsel nymph

I always fish a Grey one but this gives me ideas...

Anyway, all brook trout so far.

Of to another location, no action, moved again.

Took some more brook trout at some reeds, then saw rainbow trout cruise and mill around near the boat. They were unresponsive to the dun, so I put out a posse bugger and Richards damsel nymph under an indicator. I landed one rainbow and had two more hookups w LDR. Then the action died.

Massive mosquito clouds at the launch at 6 taking out and breaking down the boat.

(Not to mention ticks rattlesnakes wolves and Sasquatch - beware!)

Saw a big dark tadpole among the reeds in one spot, and later out in open water a 3 ft garter snake was swimming, mostly w it's eyes under water so maybe it was taking damsel nymphs. It stopped to look up at the boat, then dove out of sight.

A bald eagle looked over the east end of the lake in the late afternoon from a few treetop perches.

It was a good day of fishing, making observations, moving around, changing up the flies or presentation, and some catching too.



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Here is the sinking green damsel I mentioned.

Green damsel braid, some flash, a soft hackle of guinea, and a wrap of ostrich herl.

I’m not confident at damsel patterns or presentations, so glad something worked. I seldom get takes on blue damsels

J FFF559A6-77ED-4F7A-AA05-5BD1B71CFA4B.jpeg

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