4th of July...We do freedom better than anyone!!!


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I get the dogs. The guests? Dogs are always happy to see you and they don’t care what you feed them.



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We're all going out huckleberry picking today, and knowing me, I'll probably hit a mountain lake or stream while I'm up there. The rest of the weekend is still up for grabs. Probably hit a caddis hatch on the home river at least one evening, chase bass and carp during the warmest parts of the day. Monday night I might throw poppers for largemouth.


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Fished on Friday, see Lakes forum.

On the Drive I saw many signs for fireworks stands.

One said

'Merica Fireworks


P.S. The apostrophe was on the sign.


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North Umpqua is effectively off the table for fishing, probably for the rest of the summer. So, I'll be running around in this:

Chasing more of these (as well as 'bows and tigers)

SW Oregon high mountain lakes are pretty awesome. Maybe not as epic as fishing the fabled N. umpqua but a fella could find worse ways to celebrate independence day.

I'm grateful to be living in this part of this great country. Happy 4th to everyone... be safe out there.


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Interesting metrics for measuring patriotism. Military engagement is a good fit, but still imperfect (just war v. unjust war can spawn an endless debate. "My country, right or wrong" doesn't really cut it as a measure of patriotism. Civic engagement can be measured so many ways. The selection of parameters alone is as much a subjective process as an objective one. I think voting is a citizenship duty, but there are so many ways to count and measure constructive civic engagement. I don't think there's a way to do this that isn't flawed.

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