4th of July...We do freedom better than anyone!!!


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Fun, mellow hike with my wife's family to stretch the legs. Not the greatest light but I snagged a few pics.


The hike follows a beautiful stream. I've never fished it before as it is shallow riffles with very few pools. I'm sure there are dinks in there.


The crew


Decent mtn views along the trail.




Time to fire up the grill.


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Be corn on the cobb, some will be coated in cilantro lime seasoning, Teton polish sausage-hot dogs with all the trimmings, sautéed onions, peppers, jalapeños, pickle relish, 4 types of mustard, other sauces including mamas Mediterranean-garlic sauce (yum) and even ketchup!
Cucumber red pepper red onion and beet salad with a homemade lemon honey vinaigrette…. Gonna add to the tire tread a bit tonight!!!!

Going with Fort George Ale beverages tonight!
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Triple mule was a bit of a fast start to the evening, but the tri trip is almost ready, potatoes at 350 for 3 hours, slaw, and first try at a chimichurri. I love living in the land of the free!



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Seriously - russets on the grill for three hours. I've never tried this technique. Intersting (the meat looks delicious).
The russets were in the oven, inside the house, for 3 hours at 350 F. And, thanks! The meat was tasty and I have a bunch of chimichurri sauce left over. Any suggestions on how to use it? Chicken marinade, maybe?

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