Trip Report 3 Stooges Hit the High Country

This time of year the high country just calls out to you. Of course, there's no better way to enjoy it than with a couple of angling friends. Tip o' the hat to @SquatchinSince86 and @JonnyPeters for making it an awesome trek.
Our day started in the dark hours of the morning. The day's plans were finalized before making the drive out to the trailhead. We had boots on the ground around sunrise and did our best to stay ahead of the mosquitoes on the long hike up.
Upon arrival at the lake float tubes were hastily assembled as, again, we had to race the skeeters before they bled us dry. Once on the water though, free of harassment, we settled in and had a great day. A nice assortment of trout came to the net, some of them big and chunky.
Toward the end of the day we decided to walk/wade up into a feeder creek. Runoff has it running high but we found a few places to lob flies into. Alas, no lovin' was to be had there so we broke everything down and made the hump out.

flower4.jpg brown3.jpg flower.jpg bow.jpg flower3.jpg brown.jpg squatch.jpg brook.jpg buggy.jpg


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There were a few geese on the water, maybe a merganser or two. Some swallows working the water early in the morning. We all tried dry flies, but nothing rising to the naturals or our bugs.

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