FS CFO III disc, CFO 1 - Abel made (US)


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I hate to sell these but I have too many CFO’s and these have seen little or no action at all and I need to fund a new build.

CFO III disc - almost brand new condition 9.5/10
With extra spool (also in excellent condition) each spool cones with backing and floating line (one Orvis line and one Cortland Sylk) I’ll include very nice leather Orvis case included. Spool has Orvis bag. Due to condition, case and two lines I’m asking $450 for all of it. I will get pics up of spool with Sylk line on it. Collector quality or great clicker to fish.

CFO 1 - Abel made (US)
Never even spooled - new condition with original Orvis neoprene pouch. I personally like these best of all CFO’s. Similar quality to Abel TR. I have others and just never got a rod for this one. Probably best with a 1-2wt. Might be able to swing a 3wt but I Use CFO 2’s on my 3wt.

I live in the Gorge near Washougal if you are local and want to look.



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Someone's going to be really happy with either of those (sadly, I rarely fish trout these days).


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