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mg]Aloha, took Aaron "Seattlee" out to A-bay yesterday. Started out with a good omen. While I was waiting for him to show up at the beach I was casting and a 4lb bone chased in my bunny gotcha and I told Aaron grab the rod and cast again. We saw bones all day but they would spook and it was hard to keep up with the different species we saw. Baitfish for trevally, shrimp for bones, etc and when I was changing a fly a nice 8lber showed up , but we had no fly on, and that is fishing.

There was a huge school of Ballyhoo and Aaron got one for me. I will use it tomorrow offshore for mahi. A school of surgeon fish showed up and I told Aaron they were called impossibles because you only land like one in 10. Well one ate and he was off to the races and was able to keep it out of the reef and put the wood to it and got it in.

Here is the hero shot. He was about to grab it and I stopped him so he still has all his fingers. They call them surgeon fish cause they will take your fingers off with the knife blade on the tail.

Nice sized one and it was released back to the school. Fishing inshore for bones has been great lately. Lots of big fish. Hope you all have a great end to summer.


Chucking a dead parrot on a piece of string!

It would definitely wreck your day if you grabbed one of those by the tail.

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