FS Sage Two Handers and Skagit Lines


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For Sale:

Sage One 7126. Rod is in great shape. Tube is in good shape with one minor dent (about the size of a quarter). $450 (sold)

Sage Pulse 8114. Rod is pretty much brand new. The rod was test casted 2.5 times on the Bogey this past spring. The second section from the handle had a defect a never completed the third cast. The rod just got back from Sage and all is well now. $450.

Sage Spey 6/7/8 Reel. Reel is in great shape. Comes with Rio ConnectCore Shooting line (Can't remember the exact diameter). $300 (Sold)

Lines (All lines are either brand new never casted or slightly used).
Rio Skagit Max Power 550gr $40 New (Sold)
Rio Skagit Max Power 575gr $40 New (Sold)
Rio Skagit Max Short 475gr $25 Casted for about a days worth of fishing.
Rio Skagit Max Short 500gr $25 New
Rio Skagit Max Short 550gr $25 Casted for about a days worth of fishing.
Rio Skagit Max Short 600gr $25 Casted for about a days worth of fishing and an hours worth of practice casting.
Rio Skagit Max 550gr $25 New
Rio Xtreme Indicator 8wt $60 Casted only 2.5 times :)
Airflo Skagit Driver 510gr $35 New
Airflo Skagit Driver 540gr $40 New (Sold)
Airflo Skagit Driver 570gr $25 New
Airflo Skagit FIST 540gr $40 New (Sold)
OPST Commando 300gr $20 Casted for about a days worth of fishing.
OPST Commando 325gr $20 Casted here and there but pretty much mint.
OPST Commando 425gr $20 Casted for a few outings but pretty much mint.

PM me your number for pics. Seriously inquiries only. Open to bulk deals to keep down on individual shipments. I live in Minnesota.
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