BC / US Border - Opening Soon? An update…

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I think this about covers it.

horse-puckey - Urban Dictionary​

https://www.urbandictionary.com › define › term=horse...


Absolute bullshit.


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I support any nation doing what it wants with its own border. I also support people having a choice with what goes in their body for better or worse. I'm not anti Vax in the slightest and fully understand vaccines extricated mankind out of third world plague type diseases. And as far as being read, I think I can hold my own. I mean I'm not half as smart and righteous as you but I breath through my nose.


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Remember when the sitting Vice President of the United States claimed on national television that she would refuse to take a vaccine endorsed by Donald Trump?

Good times
That is a great point. Trump and wifey both got vaccinated even after they both had Covid! Also Turmp got the vaccine show on the road with project Warp Speed! So why do his followers now refuse that same vaccine?

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Ahhh the “Ugly American” concept... before we get going too far down the shit slinging road... just stop. Seen plenty of other less than desirable behavior from members of other nations. And yes, I am well traveled.

Yes and education has no bearing whatsoever on the quality of a person's behavior.. as for arrogance I see it far more in the "educated" than the non educated..
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