BC / US Border - Opening Soon? An update…

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"Sneaking"..? They're being welcomed into the US with open arms, given FREE assistance and being taken care off for FREE..!! That's why there are so many of them coming over the border, to get FREE assistance and there's nothing the US is doing to stop them..
You got evidence that the Biden admin. is welcoming refugees with open arms?

The concentration camps at the border are filling up again under Bidens watch, children are still being separated from their family's and rates of deportation and incarceration are increasing as refugees thought Biden might show some leniency.

Although fewer Immigrants are being imprisoned or deported than under the Trump admin. it's still happening.

I don't personally think this is a good thing, I do think immigrants should be welcomed with open arms. They contribute more to our economy than they take, and the best food that I have ever eaten has been ethnic food. I'd much rather that we are eating burritos and tortillas than beans on toast. But it is the truth that Immigrants are mistreated under Biden in much the same ways as Trump.

Also what free assistance are they getting? Immigrants pay taxes just like the rest of us. Illegal Immigrants can't access public benefits in most cases, and Legal immigrants actually are less likely to take public benefits than U.S.-born citizens, meaning that Immigrants as a whole are actually less of a drain on the system than U.S.-born citizens.

If you respond could you please send some links that I could look at, I'm happy to learn but you don't need to just yell about immigrants and 'merica without some sources.



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Consider the source...

I've long advocated for Texas' secession from the U.S.
Like for over 40 years...

Wish they'd get off the dime and get moving.
Talk about all hat...

The source was a dude with a giant hat and Danner cowboy boots. I didn't even know they were a thing. Probably a Texas issue only deal.


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This story is a month old. I thought I read a story since then that was more positive about an opening becoming more likely in the not-so-distance future. I agree that Canada should do whatever they want with their country and as foreigners, non-Canadians don't have much to stand on, especially regarding something like recreational fishing, which for most folks in the rest of the world probably isn't not all that high on the priority list. However, when it does open up to US citizens for fishing, I'll be scheduling a trip as soon after as possible. I have 180 hours of leave I've been saving that I have to use before the end of the year and with any luck, I hope to spend a good chunk of that in BC. If not, I'll have to look east instead of north.


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Probably an old Oregonian on his way to DC for a little insurrection, and maybe some BBQ...
Always time for BBQ.

I am in total support of Texas succession, and so I do have something in common with them, just not much beyond succession...and BBQ, although my tastes do run more towards KC or Memphis style, Texas has some decent Q.
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