2 lakes and 5 species in a day


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I’ll start in reverse order of the day.

I fished a SW Washington lake well known for the hex hatch. The hatch didn’t disappoint me. It played out like it almost always does for me- Arrived to a jammed pack boat ramp with almost zero room to park. The hatch started at 9:20 p.m. and the fish weren’t all that interested in them. Did manage to land a few coastal cutthroat. It always amazes me how many people fish the lake during the hex hatch. I’m sure glad most of them haven’t figured out the fishing is so much better at different times of the year:)!

The first part of the day was much better. I went with a good friend to a lake a few hours away from the lake above. We had a great time catching a few warm water fish.

I ended up catching most of my fish on a foam beetle tied off the back of a jig leech.

Some of the fish for the day-




Little Bluegill

Big Bluegill

Matt B

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Thanks for the report with pics. Very nice. Floating line or sinking line to the jig and beetle? indicator or no?

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