SOLD Scadden McKenzie Drifter 13ft

For Sale is a lightly used Scadden McKenzie Drifter pontoon boat in very good condition that handles well and draws very little water - particularly handy for low summer flows (which seem to be our new future). Float over shallow shoals while others are dragging their boats! Two guys can carry this with little difficulty and it can be transported in a full sized truck bed. With the two-piece frame disassembled and pontoons deflated it fits into a Subaru Outback. I'm the second owner and purchased it in 2017. I think it is about six years old. Used a few times on the Bitterroot and Missouri Rivers. Reason for selling is we now float in a friend's raft, so this is getting no love (been stored for 3 years). Time to move it to a new owner.

Here are specs from Scadden web site: Length: 13'; Width: 68"; Weight: 82 lbs; Weight Capacity: 800 lbs; Frame: Lazer XX Frame Material: Alcoa 6061 T65; Pontoons: 18 “ dia. bladderless Oars: Alcoa 6061 T65; Oar Locks: Naval Bronze; Seats: Upgraded padded; Anchor system: Thru the Frame. Folding / detachable leaning bar.

Includes a hand pump and 12 volt pump, rear cargo carrier, 15 lb. anchor and line, spare oar and oar right, and repair kit. Two side storage bags hold a ton of gear and are great rod holders. Has a detachable and retractable rudder that helps it track better on still/frog water (I've never used this feature, but previous owner said it rocks). No damage or patches and minimal wear on pontoons. The frame has a few minor cosmetic rub spots that some touch up spray paint would fix.

Local pick up in Stevensville, MT or meet you half way depending on location. New you'd pay about $1,650 for boat and extras, I'm asking $1,050 USD PayPal. Pls PM me if questions. Thanks for looking. BOAT IS SOLD!!

20210710_104054[1].jpg 20210710_113513[1].jpg 20210710_113526[1].jpg 20210710_113709[1].jpg 20210710_113909[1].jpg 20210710_114934[1].jpg
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Did you buy it in Cle Elum?
No, I purchased it back east and brought it out to MT where a long-time fishing buddy lives. We've used it a few times on the Bitterroot and Missouri rivers. We have other friends with rafts, so don't really need this one any longer.

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