SOLD Hardy Perfect 3 7/8 Ross Momentum 5


Up for grabs today...

Hardy The Perfect 3 7/8 (not Taupo)
Smokey Agate line guide as far as I can tell built 1958-1962
Original Case included
check out the pics
$425 shipped CONUS

Ross Momentum 5

Bulletproof carbon drag. Barely used. Lined with hatch .015” 68 lbs gel spun backing.
The spool diameter is 4", reel weighs 10.9oz.
Ready for a whale.
9.5 out 10
$175 Shipped CONUS

PM if interested. Located in Seattle.

I would entertain a trade for a trout spey rod (& maybe reel)

Hardy 1.jpg Hardy 3 copy.jpg Hardy 4.jpg Hardy 5.jpg
IMG_4233 copy.jpg Ross 1.jpg Ross 2.jpg Ross 3.jpg
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BTT, price drop. I Gotta get these outa here so I can take the fam on vacation. It's killing me to sell the Perfect.

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