BC/US Border - a second effort at a (hopefully) BS-free update thread.

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Big Time Hater
You're an embarrassment Rob.
A willfully ignorant liar, willing to undermine his own country because his golden idol couldn't win an election.
Nobody takes that audit for anything other than what it is, a joke.
...Just like you...
You're no patriot, you're just another in a long line of anti American proto facists wrapped in a flag carrying a cross.


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Refuted by election who refused major portions of the senate subpoena. Vs the people conducting an independent audit..

We'll accept the audit as more reliable for the moment thanks.
The election in Maricopa county was one of the most publicized, thus closely watched in our nation's history. Red, Blue, and independent folks at each table closely monitored on close-circuit TV. This was followed by an audit which was also closely scrutinized and declared clean by a leading Republican official.

Now, you want to believe the head of Cyber Ninja who knows next to nothing about running an audit. This Clown Show Audit has two purposes; (1) to make money off of people like you who believe the big lie. There are estimates of up to $2million. (2) produce phony evidence that tares at the very framework of Democracy.

Rob, "The People" are not conducting an independent audit!

Riogrande King

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Possibly pertinent quotes from William J. Bernstein in “The Delusions of Crowds”. I just ordered the Kindle version.

“People do not deploy the powerful human intellect to dispassionately analyze the world,”

“However much we flatter ourselves about our individual rationality, a good story, no matter how analytically deficient, lingers in the mind, resonates emotionally, and persuades more than the most dispositive facts or data.”

Both sides of the ideological aisle will undoubtedly assume that he’s talking about the other guys.


Big Time Hater
This sort of right wing bullshit is tailor made for the weak minded, poorly educated, willfully ignorant types that Rob exemplifies.
It's a wonder he isn't wearing an ankle bracelet , although no doubt the Pueblo FBI office knows who he is and has read his posts about his fomenting a rebellion.
They keep tabs on the mentally unstable types with guns.


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Refuted by election who refused major portions of the senate subpoena.
Please explain what this means.
We'll accept the audit as more reliable for the moment thanks.
I have to wonder the identity of the "we" you refer to. Are there now two of you or are you having a pansexual moment? Rob you have always seemed pretty harmless, a bit of a weird duck but entitled to your own opinion. There is difference, however, between having your own opinion and your own set of "facts."


Big Time Hater
Facts are facts here...when it comes to people actively attempting to undermine your own country and its democratic institutions I don't really pull a lot of punches.
The truth hurts and Rob is a liar.
Those aren't personal attacks, they're facts.

I'm not trying to be helpful, or pussyfoot around to make sure someone's fee- fees aren't being hurt...I'm being truthful.
Calling someone out for being a liar and willfully ignorant while they post bald faced lies in an attempt to undermine confidence in American democracy is something nobody should be afraid to do.

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