Need Help- Micro Skagit Rod?


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Hey crew, long story short, I have someone who asked me to help him find a rod for casting his Micro Skagit line from OPST (175 gr) He admittedly has several rods for this already just wants something different. Single-hand rods are ok too because he likes to convert them to two-hand rods. All my suggestions are coming up short!

Needs to be a new product or ordered online
needs to be under 500 or so.

and Yes, I know OPST has a micro skagit rod just for that grain window. Don't ask!:rolleyes:


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I had a similar suggestion. He said he has tried it, and tips too soft.

I suggested bamboo, glass, epic fast glass 3wt, redington CT...many more.


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If he doesn't want a softer tip, he should avoid basically all euro rods.

A still water 10ft 4wt, such as the Orvis Clearwater one, would be a better choice. That will have a more conventional taper. There are not many rods like this around though. That is the only one I know of.


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I know I'm showing my ignorance....but he wants to find a fit a LINE? I'm still learning.
There are levels to the addiction Mark.

Noobs buy combo setups.

Fellas who dabble will piece together a setup to their specs.

Tier 1 junkies buy rods for specific rivers, hatches, etc.

Tier 2 junkies buy rods for extra reels they have laying around, or for situations they've never been in, but would like to find themselves in.

And Tier 3 junkies buy rods for spare lines they've accrued in trades for other gear they don't need but can't live without.

You'll learn...

Mark Kadoshima

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Priceless! I can't afford Tier 3, and I have enough problems just trying to match up the right line with each rod. Worse...I'm at a point where I can't remember what line is on what reel, so I have to mark each reel foot as to the type and weight, and yet I still manage to occasionally find out only at the side of the river that I brought the wrong reel.
Good luck to the OP with his quest.
BTW....I believe the OPST dude on Youtube was using a 10 ft 3 wt Redington Hydrogen to cast with.

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