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I just recently finished putting together a 11’ 2/3 trout spey rod, so I began searching for a reel and I believe a 7wt series reel would be about right for this rod. This is more of a backup rod or loaner if you will not my primary trout spey so it’s not an expensive blank but a good one I believe. What I’m looking for is a decent machined reel, hope not to break the bank and more of a budget model that works fairly well. And on a second note has anyone tried one of the many Chinese reels found lately, although not a fan of Chinese made products it’s almost impossible to find something that is free of Chinese made components.


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If you're wanting a budget model and hope not to break the bank, then it's pretty much a given that you're looking for one of the Chinese made reels. Any reel that goes round and round when you turn the handle, and the spool doesn't fall off the frame should make a good reel for a trout spey. You're looking for a line holder that looks cool more than a high tech piece of fishing gear.


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I’ve been using the hardy CADD cast reels in my trout speys. You can pick them up used pretty reasonable. I’ll put them up against any machined reel for trout spey.


I've had really good luck with Lamson Liquids, even in the salt. I'm pretty good about rinsing them off every time. I get the pack with two extra spools, that way I can have a floating and an intermediate sink available. Only as trout reels though.
The liquid is what I went with and must say for 99$ it’s a great feeling reel and I’m sure it will fit the bill just fine for sometime to come.


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"don't wiggle it like an idiot"

I can't tell you the number of times I wanted to tell people that when I worked at Orvis. Even people who appeared to know what they were doing when they cast out in the parking lot. I mostly got away with the nearly silent chuckles that always elicited from me...


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Bought a reel from Big Y fly Co. here recently , what they call the Big Y standard reel . seems to be a pretty good reel for the money 89.95 . No doubt an offshore reel, but fairly light weight ,and the drag seems very smooth . Time will tell. Yes the Lamson Liquid or Remix are also great reels for the money. .

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