Where to fish?


If you had a few days at the end of July or beginning of August (2021) and a new-to-me drift boat where would you go fish - trout or smallmouth. I'd be starting from Western WA so anything in Idaho, Montana etc. is fair game. FYI - I'm not a complete noob at fly fishing or drift boats but never have much time available at this time of year and spend most of my time fishing lakes in the spring and fall for trout and local lakes in the summer for Bass. I've floated the Yakima and Methow but looking for something new. Any suggestions?



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how much white water experience to you have?? that sort of helps with suggestions as the OR Deschutes is not a river for the inexperienced. the Clackamas in OR from the dam to OR City might be considered, if anything is open for fishing that is... Above the dam, you had better be in the expert class for drifting.

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