Tires slashed on the Madison


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Guys at the tire shop in Ennis are having the best day ever...
Swimmy claims to have no part in it, but nobody said he did...
Looks like vigilantes decided F&W weren't doing their job managing the river, so they took it upon themselves to do it.
Tire slashing can ruin your day(s)...that's something I know for sure.
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Capn Chicken Man

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Also, I don't necessarily assume that this crime was directed at out of State plates only. Last time I was up in the walk and wade area the only plates there were out of State. Mostly from Utah. I didn't see a single Montana plate in that section on that day.
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Riogrande King

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It used to be that when you guided in Montana, you had to have Montana plates on your rig.
If you are working in Montana you have 60-days to get plates.
A friend of mine got retribution on some dickish out-of-state contractors when he alerted the Highway Patrol about them overstaying their welcome.
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