Hebgen "gulpers" 7/20


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I'm in West Yellowstone for 10 days mostly fishing moving water but went out early this morning to Hebgen hoping for bugs and rising fish.. Fished the Madison Arm and at one point saw trico funs and spinners along with callibaetis duns and spinners all on the water near my pram..lots of "gulpers" were taking advantage of this until around 11 when the wind picked up and shut things down.

But for about 3 hours the gulpers were feeding voraciously.. for what it's worth it's always been more effective for me to ignore the surface eats and target the gulpers by offering them something subsurface as they tend not to be as selective 3ft below the surface as opposed to in or on it.. Water was shallow (2-4ft) and weedy so I fished a double nymph set up under a NZ strike indicator with the bottom fly suspended just off the bottom.. the fish were feefing on the move and had to move with them but casting near gulping fish usually resulted in an eat.. landed a dozen or so which was less than half of the fish that I hooked up with.. reminded of fishing the far south end of Amber.. fish were mostly 14-17" and full of fight.. a few photos from the morning.. 20210720_115322.jpg 20210720_113415.jpg 20210720_090816.jpg 20210720_094814.jpg


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Nice fishing! I have always wanted to fish this lake for the famous gulpers. Ridiculous rental car rates forced me to cut my trip short this week in Bozeman.


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Damn, I’m jealous! That’s about the most fun a guy can have fishing Stillwater. I still have daydreams about an absolute hog that bent out my size 16 parachute after towing me around for a couple minutes last summer. Planning on going back next year.


Indi Ira
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I was so worried that this was going to be a dry fly post, I should have known better! :)

I not only ignore the gulpers, but I also learned to leave the area altogether, glad you unlocked the code.

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