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That backflip into the chute is epic. Big big balls of steel. I broke 3 vertebrae in my neck doing a backflip in the more inverts for me.



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I thought that was at Snowbird on first glance, but it looks like Corbet's? After two shoulders, two knees, cortisone shots in the lower back and a hip, I gave up skiing.


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I had a few years of making runs down sunny side at Crystal and getting a few cheers for doing crazy jumps right under the chair.
Like most people, i grew older and injuries dictate i stay grounded. Now i spend more time in the deep stuff outback......when i find the time to ride.


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Did the lift have chairs ? :) lol
The first lift I used was just a steel cable that went around the drive wheel of a car up on blocks at the top of the hill. You picked up the cable that was going uphill and slowly tightened your hands on it until it was pulling you up. I was pretty young, before kindergarten, but I think this was Wolf Creek area in CO. We were there because my dad was thinking about investing. He didn't. Otherwise the cost of lift tickets would have never been a consideration for the rest of my life.

Next we had the "T" handle lifts. The catch-22 of this one and the cable one was that you had to kind of already know how to stay up on your skis to use them. You'd have to spend some time on the beginners grade walking up to go down to figure that part out.

By high school we had school trips to Winter Park and elsewhere which got us a good deal on lifts with actual chairs. It was after graduation that prices for everything started to soar beyond my ability to justify it.

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