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Bruce Baker

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I am looking forward to the 400m women's hurdles final. I am expecting a new world record by McLaughlin or Muhammad of the US.

The men's final in same event was crazy. Both the winner and second place finisher were faster than the WR (46.70) at the time, which had been set by the winner about a month ago. His new world record is 45.94.


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Where are you guys watching the track and field events?

I'm on our local NBC and they are airing the men's 5000

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Yep, Jesse Owens 1936 Berlin for sure.

Course, then he had to come home and race a horse to get by.

“People said it was degrading for an Olympic champion to run against a horse,” Owens said. “But what was I supposed to do? I had four gold medals, but you can’t eat four gold medals.”


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The women's discus thrower for the US was also stellar. The men's 200 should be outstanding. I love the track and field. The US has gotten much better in the distance events, but is no longer as dominant in the sprints.

Brian Miller

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How about the British women's pursuit cycling team (two-time champions), setting a world record to defeat the US and advancing to the Gold medal round. Afterwards two of the British cyclists were high-fiving it up while doing their cool down lap when one of them ran into the back of a teammate, taking them both down.

US went on to win Bronze, and Germany destroyed GB setting another world record to take Gold :).


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Ratings for the Tokyo Olympics are pure shit. Down anywhere from 30-50%. This is a disaster for NBC. We are getting all kinds of excuses as to why (same with the NBA) but it is pretty obvious.

People are turned off at what they perceive as entitled athletes disrespecting our country. The following sums it up

The reason no one is watching this year is simple: the Olympics are no longer the Olympics. What’s supposed to be a celebration of individual excellence is now nothing of the kind. Instead, the Woke Olympics are all about politics, grievance, ingratitude, entitlement, and unappealing athletes who are more interested in preeningTje their virtue than representing their country.

Agree or disagree, I don't really care.

But there is no denying that some are using their platform in a way that is creating division, regardless of how righteous they may be. You might dig it. Fine. There are a lot of folks that see it differently and they are simply expressing their opinion by tuning out.

Admittingly, I haven't watched a minute of women's soccer and could care less. But in an attempt to not derail this thread too much further, if you or anyone else want to continue the discussion, feel free to pm me.
Not above a little virtue preening yourself I see. Your “spoiler” is a political “hot take” that, in its dubious conclusion, is more than a little ironic.

NBC may take some heat for poor ratings, but I guarantee you that they will not try to blame it on the superb American athletes that are representing our nation so proudly, and wonderfully.


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If you have Comcast, just hit the “talk” button and say: “NBC sports app”, and all the categories are there and you can pick and choose what you want to watch whether live or previously aired. Actually really legit.

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