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Mensah-Stock on a rampage of scoring headed to the finals in Women's Freestyle Wrestling, today! Really a pleasure to watch this young lady's lateral movement and multiple scoring attacks.

Denny W

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Canada beats US women's soccer.

Oh well, better luck next time.
The good thing is we won't have to watch the US women take a knee while the anthem is being played

Robert Engleheart

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Excited to watch local product, Richard Torres jr, in 1/4 final Sunday for Super heavyweight. 21 year old was high school valedictorian, robotics club, etc; a great young man. My son-in-law has sponsored his fathers boxing club for years.
Torres wins a split decisi 4-1! Handing Cubans first loss in 14 bouts. This kid is fun to watch, he fights like a featherweight; just keeps attacking. On to the Semifinals


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Was anybody else annoyed and not overjoyed when the high jumpers decided to just share golds versus having a jump off? Not sure why but it just seems anti-Olympics not the epitome of the Olympic spirit as everyone seems to think it is. We compete to win, no? Especially at that level. You worked that hard, for that long, to just say…ehh, let’s just quit and share the gold. Huh…..??

It’s not like winning a silver in the Olympics is something to sneeze at. Hell, being considered for the Olympic is more to brag about than most will accomplish in their lives. If you dedicated that much for that long, don’t you want to know if you were the best in the world. Maybe the guys and gals in the 100m final should have just held hands and walked down the track together so all of them could get a gold medal.

Maybe I’m getting old…..


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Canadian womens soccer is very good.
Has been for a fair while.
From youth leagues up solid infrastructure built.
Mens is getting better all the time.
Even starting to produce players that don't top out at MLS.


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Showing your patriot bonafides by rooting against Americans. Brilliant!

Ratings for the Tokyo Olympics are pure shit. Down anywhere from 30-50%. This is a disaster for NBC. We are getting all kinds of excuses as to why (same with the NBA) but it is pretty obvious.

People are turned off at what they perceive as entitled athletes disrespecting our country. The following sums it up

The reason no one is watching this year is simple: the Olympics are no longer the Olympics. What’s supposed to be a celebration of individual excellence is now nothing of the kind. Instead, the Woke Olympics are all about politics, grievance, ingratitude, entitlement, and unappealing athletes who are more interested in preening their virtue than representing their country.

Agree or disagree, I don't really care.

But there is no denying that some are using their platform in a way that is creating division, regardless of how righteous they may be. You might dig it. Fine. There are a lot of folks that see it differently and they are simply expressing their opinion by tuning out.

Admittingly, I haven't watched a minute of women's soccer and could care less. But in an attempt to not derail this thread too much further, if you or anyone else want to continue the discussion, feel free to pm me.

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