WTA - Canadian Steelhead Trip (non-Skeena)


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no, they aren’t. Last year the Trinity returns to hatchery in Lewiston were dismal, well under 1k fish whereas 3K or better is norm. Klamath water temperatures this year are scary high right now at the beginning of the run and the Trinity is on fire, literally.
Scratch that. Head for the Great Lakes. Or that one river on the Atlantic side of South America before it gets dammed.....

Brian St

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No on Norcal! No on Skeena! Kitimat maybe? They have some summer fish. Cowlitz being lower columbia trib is ok especially if you like big water long rods and long lines. Numbers are down but its still higher than most rivers.

Nass system might be a possibility? Numbers will be low but its fairly remote.


Sheena Steelhead

You could pack and come to Skeena but you will have bad aftertaste when you return home. Perhaps others will think you don’t really respect steelhead at all.

If we in Canada have fisheries, like you in USA we will be thrilled. Here, we devastated our forests, land and water. We reached point of no return.

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