SOLD Galvan OB-1 Fly Reel

Nice small, lightweight reel. Smooth operation. Shows a few very small nicks on the drag handle and rim. Comes with a Simms case. Rated for 1-3wts but would also work on 0 and maybe even 00/000wt rods.
Price is shipped CONUS with PayPal G&S. PM for questions / payment info.
96F97413-5910-4278-BF95-337E1D9AEA74.jpeg 1B940AB3-B707-440B-A44F-89517A592A9F.jpeg A90DC8ED-2E71-4E1E-9F09-84D33E066811.jpeg 90ACA8FB-959A-4A2C-9AF1-ABBE09BCD1D4.jpeg B9056B9A-B616-4DE2-B27B-D0FAD6D8F3D1.jpeg 7143F575-84FC-498E-8484-D6A6AA510317.jpeg

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