Swap 05-06 Beginner/Intermediate Anti-Shack Nasty Marathon Fly Swap

Bill, I'll be keeping an eye peeled for them.

Wayne, Your flies arrived today. You must be greasing someone's palm at the post office to get that kind of service.

Just wrapped up the last one (extra one for swapmeister). They are going in the mail tommorow or I'll overnight them on Monday.

I'll slip you a couple extra bucks for postage, I think last time I used the prepaid envelope which I guess is only good that day.
Thanks Tricho.

Appreciate the heads up (and the extra fly). Don't sweat the small stuff on the postage.

I know with this group that things are rolling along quite well, but to make sure everyone is up to par, I have Bill Douglas and Tricho-Treat with their flies in the postal system. Dylan DePaulo, Randy Diefert, Tom Grobelny, Jesse James, Wayne Kohan and Anyfish have their flies sitting in my living room.

That leaves Theron DePaulo, Matt Grunwald, the Shad King, Desmond Wiles, Jeff Phillips and John Clark tying like crazy to make the deadlline.

Just a reminder, your Christmas flies are due in by the 20th of December. The Judges have set the 21st aside as the "Day of Judgement" so any flies I get after that will not be eligible.

Tight Lines and Best Fishes,

Matt, Desmond and Theron,

Thanks for the heads up. One of the reasons I enjoy hosting swaps is seeing all those cool flies arrive in my mail box. I get to see them all first.



Will Fish For Food
Doh! I am such a lamer...

I will, I swear I will, put them into the mail tonight. They've only been tied for a week or two; but when I was checking them over I found I had switched types of ribbing halfway through and that kind of threw me.

If they don't make it they don't make it. You can send them out with the January flies or swapmeister can keep them. I know the rules; so no worries.



Will Fish For Food
Doh! I am such a lamer...

TheShadKing said:
I will, I swear I will, put them into the mail tonight.
And so I did. They should even make it in time, since I beat the mail pickup.
Supposedly you'll get them NLT Wednesday.

Also, I put plenty of stamps on my return envelope; you added more stamps to the last one than my post office says was required. I'll toss some $$ in my next shipment to make up your loss, since I suspect your PO is not weighing them individually; this makes sense to me because I doubt I'd be patient enough to weigh them all individually myself.

In any case, I need to go work on my next fly; it's going to be a doozy. :p

Some good news and some bad news. First the good. Flies arrived from The Shad King, Tricho-Treat, Matt Grinwald and Desmond Wiles. Nicely done all around.

Now the bad news. Jeff Phillips has run into a problem and won't be able to get his November Flies in on time. He asked if he could send them with the January flies and I said yes, but he won't be eligible for the tying contest in December. That's how things were handled last year. I hope that sounds fair to everyone.

With that in mind, flies are still out from Theron DePaulo, D. Heike, and John Clark with one day to go. C'mon USPS.



Will Fish For Food
Ok, so here's the low-down on my flies and toe tags

When tying my stone fly nymph in the first round, I came across Lagartun's tinsel. It was so much better quality, and is available in so many sizes, I switched over to it completely.

I came up with what I think is a pretty nice soft hackle for this month's round. Unfortunately, I labeled the toe tags with what I thought was the wrong size tinsel. As it turned out, halfway through I inadvertently switched tinsel sizes, and I discovered this only after re-marking all of the toe tags.

Both tinsel sizes look very good on that size soft hackle (at least in my not-so-humble opinion), so I didn't re-tie any of them. But some of you will get doubly marked toe tags. Sorry about that.

In all cases, the marking of the toe tag is the correct size of the tinsel in case you're wondering what size I used. The smallest tinsel sizes from Lagartun are fairly hard to tell apart, so I'm not sure it really matters, but it might to you, so I wanted y'all to know that.

And if any of y'all are Wazzu fans, well, I apologize, I was going to do two soft hackles but I've got way too much stuff going on and just didn't have the time.


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