Swap 05-06 Beginner/Intermediate Anti-Shack Nasty Marathon Fly Swap


If you haven't already mailed your flies, hold them until you send in the flies for January. All the flies that were in on time have already been mailed out to the swappers. I did reserve a set of the flies for you and John Clark.

To be fair to those who are on time with the flies, you and John Clark are ineligible for the December tying contest.

For the rest of you folks, My sincere apologies once again. I was getting ready to post the pictures of your excellent flies when I noticed that I forgot to ask Chris to set up a catagory for us. I'll be posting those when the gallery is set up for them. All of you did a great job on those wet flies. Not only in the terms of well tied, beautiful flies, but in selecting flies with...let's say interesting names. You'll understand when the pics are posted..

Well done one and all.



Fishing with the kids

You should have recieved my flies, as I was the first to send them in. You had posted that by PM and here. Was this a mistake of names in the last post?
My apologies to Anyfish. I made the post in a rush and typed in his screen name instead of HateNot2Fish's. Sorry Chris, you are more than eligible for the contest. Not only have I received all your flies on time, your usually first in.

When I was uploading the pics to the gallery we lost our phone service, so there was a 1/2 hour or so between the first batch of flies being posted and the last batch. They are all up in the gallery now, and the actual flies are well on their way to you.

Nicely done one and all.

Holy Smokes! Got my flies today. Wow, Are there some good looking specimins in there!
Thanks guys; It just keeps getting better and better. You guys are awesome!

Bill Douglas

blue collar dirtbag
I think the boy (16 months) hid the mailbox key from me. I can't find it anywhere. I can't get my darned mail bawling: .

I'm sure my flies are there, and probably a notice telling me that I'm a millionaire and no longer need to make boxes for a living :thumb: .
Bill, you better find it quick, you only have 24 hours to claim that 5 million dollars in prize money from the Kenya Lottery (that you didn't enter). Don't forget to send them the 5 thousand dollar deposit they require to expedite your claim to the winnings.

More importantly, the weather is great for fishing and your fine collection of wet flies is in the mailbox.

There are some really good looking wet flies.

When I first tried to tie a partrage and green I thought what a simple fly, this one will be easy. Boy was I wrong. With this style fly every wrap is critical, every thread bump will show. These flies take a lot of care to get right. Good job guys!

Tom G
I really love soft hackle flies and fish them a lot. This collection has some great looking flies. I haven't gotten mine in the mail yet but the pix are great as usual (nice job REE). I can't wait to see these flies and then try them out. Thanks for the great job everyone.
jesse clark
I've said it before, but flies that don't work don't stay around long. Wet flies have been around since fly fishing started. They're still here because they work and work well. I have caught more fish with wet flies than anything else in my boxes, with the most fish going to the Partridge and (insert your favorite body color here). There's just something about them that will trigger the predatory instinct in fish.

Nicely done one and all.