Montana’s Famed Trout Under Threat as Drought Intensifies - NY Times


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The NYT does tend to over-sensationalize these environmental articles. Heck, they also prognosticate that the next earthquake in the Pacific Northwest will essentially destroy ("liquefy?") Western WA, to provide frame of reference!
(shhhhhh) Haha! Kodiak Island 8.2. Mother Earth apparently reads this forum. Biggest quake up there since 1964.
Not that far away.

Seattle hockey team maybe should not be the Kraken, but maybe the Crack'n!!
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And the left has complete control of academia and the teachers' union.


I find it is often useful to understand something before I go casting blame. Local school curricula, and the resources used to teach that curriculum, are governed by local school boards, not the teachers union. Before blaming the "left", you may want to consider who controls most local school boards.

But I guess trying to be truthful with facts instead of making things up is just being self-righteous.

Only a passing mention of Ag sucking the rivers dry?

Shitty reporting.
This. Even in an extreme drought year, once you get above the head gates and diversions, there is plenty of flow.

... Which you can apparently use to water your lawn and feed no-one, whereas Ag, who we all blame, actually produce something useful, that feeds folks. But let's all blame the left, whoever they are.


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