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I have decided to pull the trigger on a Danielsson reel after having purchased a G Loomis IMX Pro-creek 7’8” 3 wt. It looks like my primary choices are the nymph, midge, and dry fly models. Any input on which model to choose would be appreciated.



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If it were me, I'd be looking at the nymph....perhaps the midge.

You'll love the reel though. I have the DryFly, 2W and 3W. If I fished 3 & 4wts, I'd probably have the nymph too.

Kyle Smith

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The dryfly is perfect for a 3wt or 4wt. I use one on a 9' 5wt on occasion, a little light but fun to use.


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I use a DryFly on my 10ft 3wt. If you care about balance, it's probably too heavy for your rod. The Midge model would probably be better.


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There's not a lot of difference in physical weight of a Midge and Nymph. Personally, for your application, I would rec the Nymph. A little more capacity (largely unnecessary most of the time with backing) but it allows more latitude with lines.. especially if you use a Double (or extended) Taper.

The discontinued "Nymph Wide" is really a sweet size.. was sorry to see it dropped from production.
Thanks everyone, decided to go with the nymph. Sounds like this won’t be my last Danielsson reel. Any sense as to how long it takes to get the reel from Sweden?

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