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Idiot Savant
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The Grumpy old dude
Can't forget this one.
Droning on about how everyone is flawed in some manner or another...but has to ask for help naming the flaws of others 'cuz he forgot some of them.
Forgot how to fish.

A few more...just off the top of my head here.

Constitutional Scholar
Works minimum wage retail jobs, but knows more about Constitutional law than the people who wrote it...
Just ask him. Finds all fishing locations lacking in some respect, so rarely fishes.

The Influencer
Post count and likes are the thing here.
No substantive content, just 'hey look at my toys'. Desperately Seeking Attention.
Owns a camera and a few lenses, has an Instagram account. Fishes only for likes.

The Long Form Poster
Every damn post is ' War and Peace '.
Trolling with poor bait, no roll at all...but does know how to spell, or use spell check.
Fishes when not trolling the forum.

The Long Time Resident
Mentions length of residency and family history in a given place, as if it somehow lends credibility to the following 4 paragraphs of nonsensical bullshit he posts about fisheries management. Only Fishes 3 times a year, whilst reminiscing about the old days.

The Patriot
'Mercan through and through. Not afraid to tell you either. Has more flags and fireworks than brain cells, and is sure you're not a 'real 'mercan' just by the car you drive, or beer you drink. Didn't make the cut for 'Meal Team Six' or the 'Gravy Seals' and is still butthurt about it. Still has the tactical gear though, and the credit card payment for buying it. Has lots of guns, talks about them whenever he feels threatened. Indians ruined his fishing.

The Conspiracist
Is sure Hydroxychloroquine cures Covid, only the Rothchilds, Bill Gates and George Soros are keeping the cure away from the public, because reasons. Barely got out of High School, gets news from YouTube videos...or worse. Is on an FBI watch list, so don't answer any PM you might get from him.
Fishes with one eye looking over his shoulder.

Gear Head
Can accurately list all rod and reel models made since 1946, with weights of each item and relative 'swing weight' for all possible combinations therein. Has a disc drag capable of stopping a 30# salmon dead in its tracks on the reel of his 7' 3" 3 wt...and it balances perfectly. Hasn't fished since 1998.

The Asshole
Makes sure to offend someone with each and every post, just to keep things moving along. Too much harmony is bad for page views, and therefore ad revenue on websites. Keeps things just edgy enough on threads that page views don't decline when folks migrate to Facebook or Parler, all the while somehow not being banned either. Fishes a lot, just doesn't post about it.

Drunk Poster
Wakes up every single weekend seeing one of his misspelled, English as a Second Language, nonsensical, grammarless rants he made at 2am the previous night quoted by another poster and has no memory of making the post. I think his name is Doug... hates punctuation and grammar with a passion usually reserved for sports teams or gillnetters. Too hungover to fish.

The Local
Labors under the delusion that since his favorite river is a bit less than a 3 hour drive, he should be able to look down his nose at those who make a just over a 3 hour drive to get there as the root cause of river crowding, and degradation of his outdoor experience.
It's a Steelheading thing mostly, but also an affliction suffered by many Montanans.
Fishes only when he sees an out of state license plate at the boat launch.

The Mod
Wielding powers that heretofore were only to be imagined, threads disappear in the blink of an eye and with a click of a mouse, especially if they're about Canada. Mods hate Canada...not sure why...but they do. Fishes to relieve the stress of being all powerful, after all its a heavy burden.

and then there’s you…


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When you are driving your car and someone in front of you is going too slow you call them an idiot. No if you are driving your car and someone goes zooming around you, you call them an asshole. Aren’t we all just idiots or assholes.


Let's GO Brandon!
I made that same comparison once and @Swimmy suggested I hadn't contributed significantly to make such a statement.

While I don't remember that exchange, I apologize if it came off as offensive.

Hopefully you just rolled your eyes and laughed at me though.

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
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What I love about this "village" is the understand that we have at least one thing in common, Fishing. The difference I see with our village is again we have at least a single issue in common, Now, where as on FB it generally is a Past, you used to have a common school, team, family or "friend".

The thing about a village is, if you don't like it you can walk away. (Like thread reading, if you click on a thread and don't like it be adult enough to walk away) The other thing about a village is, it is what You make of it.

(On a lighter side, I was thinking about a conversation our family has had, maybe a thread, what kind of new dinosaur would you be... Grumposorous, Crabeepatyious, Oldgezeerolpotor, etc.)

(PS... I have to go check my garden, with my bad shoulder haha)

Old Man

A very Old Man
I will admit that I have been on here a long time. I've seen a lot of good people come and go. Some left because they couldn't handle the drama or put downs. I've been on here before I retired from Boeing in 1999. But since Chris has up dated this site many times my start date was moved to 2002. All of the people that were here at it's start were Charter Members. Even me.

Back at the beginning just about all we talked about was fly fishing. You could tell where you went and how things went. Now everybody's closed mouth. Don't tell or you will be chastised. There are a few of us old farts left.

Old Man

A very Old Man
It doesn't take long for a thread to drift one way or the other. It's funny that almost every thread on this site is that way. It must be hard for everybody to just stay in the subject matter.


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David Frums 5 rules for social media would help if we could all abide by them. Easier said than done.

Example s

1. “No arguments about arguments.
While Frum doesn’t shy away from disagreeing with people on Twitter, he’s careful to stay on topic. He warns against getting drawn into side arguments: “You’ll say something and somebody will say, ‘Well, you didn’t say a different thing about a different topic.’” Discussions can easily spiral out of control if you allow the conversation to chase tangents. Be conscious of this and stay focused.

2. “Always keep your cool.”
Frum doesn’t let friends drink and tweet.

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