FS Lampson Guru ll 1.5, Redington Delta 5/6


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Thanks for looking I have two brand new reels. that I’ve never used one is a Lampson Guru ll 1.5 brand new in box, 159.95
- the other is a Redington delta 5/6. These are really terrific well built reels. 100.00
Picked up. Nh
Or add 8.89 for shipping. Many thx. Jim 302BA4A5-FCAD-4BC0-832D-4B45573A5B91.jpeg


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Richard E

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Anyone looking for a budget saltwater reel with a big time drag, look hard at this Redington Delta. It uses the same drag system as its predecessor, my trusty Redington Brakewater, that has tamed many hard-pulling salty fish (roosterfish, amberjack, jacks, yellowfin tuna, skipjack, etc). These reels were a deal at retail, a steal at this price.


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Portsmouth n h. Thanks Richard. Yes they are phenomenal I have a couple of the five sixes, and the seven eights, I think these reels were just Bombproof, with incredible drag systems

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