Need to get a few off my chest…

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Let's GO Brandon!
No he is not trolling, he is deadly serious, that's the problem, and that is why I push back,

It is not about changing the world. If that were the case you wouldn't be wasting so much time on a regional fly fishing forum.

You are using COVID to show righteousness.

if Swimmy or anyone else has had enough of me, just put me on ignore, I can take it, I've had far worse things happen to me.

Ignore is for the weak...see Quill.


A collector never stops collecting!
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Boys Boys Boys. Knock it off.
I'm going out later today for some truffle popcorn, then I'll continuing reading.. I'll try to play nice, just pour my wine when I get back from work tonight!! Cheers!


Soap Lake Posse
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Hey guys I found an interesting map.

View attachment 290235

I also found this explanation of 9th grade science.

View attachment 290238

Which might explain these maps.

View attachment 290236

View attachment 290237
This shit is getting old fellas. If you want to bitch at each other take it to private messages. If this childish political bullshit continues even some long term members might be taking a break soon who can't follow the simple rules.

We let plenty of stuff slide and I totally understand spewing some politics now and then but some of you spew in each and every thread. Those will be the first I deal with.
Not open for further replies.

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