Trip Report Coldwater Lake 7/24/2021

Hello All, Coldwater Lake 7/24/2021
First of all it is a big lake for a float tube w/ only fins. 6 hooks-ups w/ 4 to the net. 11-13 " rainbows that fought hard. Fun Fish.
Fly ( that got-em' to the net ) - Coldwater Damsel, originator, a member fo the Washington County Fly Fishers out of Beaverton, OR. This was a fun group of guys I met at the parking lot. They were all so very friendly. Chuck, of the group, gave me one of their flies a member had come up with. He gave me a second after I had lost the first one.
Line - something that sinks, the fish were deep. Chuck was using an intermediate line and was catching fish. I used my full sink - 5 on my Sage 5/6 rod.
I fished the area form the boat ramp out to the island and to the southwest to the edge of the deep/ shallow water. the wind picked up about 1:45pm. It was a bit difficult in my "Fish Cat 4 " w/ only fins. Maybe its my age. Anyway I had a great Day!
Lots of folks out with kayaks, canoes and paddle boards.

Ed Golding, out of Longview, WA

Bruce Baker

Active Member
I fished Coldwater out of float tube and I have seen others as well. You just have to accept that you won't be able to cover a lot of water and just be careful when the wind starts howling.

Very cool for one of the fly club members to provide you with a couple of flies.

Glad you had a great day.


WFF Premium
I’ve been thinking of heading up there, looking for colder water. What were the water temps like? Sounds like the fish were in deeper cooler water.


Last week temperatures were 72 degrees using my through the hull transducer. Felt pretty warm and people were swimming off the boat dock. Fish were 20-30 feet deep, I was using a Type 5 line but really didn't fish very hard because of the water temperatures.

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