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Dr. Magill

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Canuck, everything you posted came with sources and factual information. You didn't resort to name-calling & kept it civil. Honestly, I don't know why you're apologizing (unless it's for just getting sucked in). That said, many could stand to have the level of self introspection that you have.

Also, we need to fish again.
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Canuck from Kansas

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... Honestly, I don't know why you're apologizing ...

Also, we need to fish again.

I'm Canadian, it's what we do (but meant what I wrote).

Sept 10-12 / Smiling River campground / Metolius for the Glass and Grass - you gonna be able to make it? Trade you casts of a boo for glass.



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Teary bologna picnic.
Kinda funny.

More fishing talk would be nice.
I'm too busy scouting every weekend for something amazing. Chance of a lifetime.
No fishing until mission accomplished.


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I'll have to say that I'm guilty too and owe you all an apology.:(I just feel terrible that I'm sitting here on my deck sucking down a cold beer while many of you are stuck in commuter traffic.;)
Had a few Bighorns coming down for water and entertaining me last night.

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