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Is there an estimate to how many acres of fertile land must be need to be completely self-sustained. Oh and the land need water too.


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water shortages around the world will eventually self correct the food chain...can't grow what you can't water...and as major growing hubs like the California Valley dry up and the south continues to get wetter, will likely see the emergence of regional food crops that can thrive in wet, humid weather.
Even the most diehard climate change skeptics cannot look around their current geography/oceanography and not note the profound changes from 30 years ago. Now magnify and accelerate them and that's the future of this shrinking rock.
And not anti-business as wife and I were incorporated, Conragan Consulting, to meet the requirements of our respective clients when we went independent.
It's just that profit at any cost is a poor choice when that profit means leaving our grandkids and theirs a world that will no longer offer them what we've enjoyed.

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