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Took a trip to Argentina for my one and only spey trip. Took lines to cover all scenarios but ended p only using one system the whole time so most of these items are new. All in original packaging.

Rio Leader Wallet (used but perfect) - $20
Rio Powerflex Running Line 0.035 inch (new) - SOLD
Rio Scandi Shooting Head 420 gr (new) - $30
Rio Skagit Max Shooting Head 525 gr - SOLD
Rio Scandi Shooting Head 510gr (new) - SOLD
Rio MOW 10ft Floating Head (used but perfect) - $15
Rio Type 6 Sink Tip 8wt - SOLD
Rio Intermediate Sink Tip 15' 7wt (new) - SOLD
Rio Type 3 Sink Tip 15' 7wt (new) - SOLD
Rio InTouch 30' T-14 (new) - SOLD
Rio Versi Leaders one each all 10' - 1.5 ips, 4 ips, and 7 ins (new) - SOLD

SA Dragon Tail Textured Shooting Line (new) - $30
SA Mastery Shooting Line .035" (used but great) - $25

All prices are shipped to CONUS. Paypal friends and family or buyer pays fees. If you want multiple items we can adjust total to reflect less shipping.
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