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I'm planning a trip to the Yakima and beyond for the last week of September. There's a wealth of information available online, but information I get here is always more valuable. Please help me out with whatever you want to share around 1) what shop or guide service should I book some days with (PMs are preferred for negative feedback on who to not hire. 2) Besides the Yakima River, what else a good bet for that time of year within 2 hours of Ellensburg (rivers, creeks, alpine or desert lakes, etc.).

Not asking for any secret spots (unless you want to PM them). I will have 7 days to fish and 4WD to explore and just need to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
I would contact Red’s Fly Shop. They are right on the river in the canyon about 20’ from Yakima. Top notch people at every level. Great fly shop as well. I have spent a lot of money there and not regretted anything. Awesome restaurant as well.


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my wife and i are booked with Red's for Sept. 22-23. by that time the irrigation should be done and the rive will be dropping to wadable levels, or so i have been told. if the Yakima is out of shape or not producing, the Naches has also been recommended to me.

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Mentally I split the river into 2 sections. The upper canyon and above, and the lower canyon and below.

The upper canyon starting a bit east of Cle Elum is in a deep gorge and very limited wading access.
From Cle Elum west the river is pretty much in "bottom" land and there are quite a few areas accessible for wading.

The lower canyon has a road running fairly close to the river from just below Ellensburg to below Rosa and there are quite a few areas that are accessible to wading.

The upper river has more west slope cutthroat than the lower river and the overall size of the fish tends to be a bit larger. Though the lower river is no slouch when it comes to size. Not big compared to some of Montana's fish but large for Washington.

The overall size of fish has slowly been growing. This is largely due to the Yakima tribe putting in a salmon hatchery near Cle El;um. This has added some nutrients from decaying fish which aids the amount of food, available for the trout and other species.

"River Journal" by Steve Probasco is a good book that will give you a good over view of the river and the typical flies to use through out the year.


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