FS Beulah Guide Series II 9’ 5wt


Formerly aplTyler
Beulah Guide Series II 9’ 5 weight, 4 piece with sock and matching tube. Rod is used but in good shape. Nice intuitive action that is very enjoyable to cast. Reminds me of a Winston GVX in terms of action.

Reel seat has some minor dings from use, and there are a few tiny scratches and one little cosmetic chip in the finish on the 3rd section of the rod.

$160 shipped conus, PayPal. I’ll discount if you pickup. Local to PDX area. SOLD

DB27E339-98BB-4727-B11B-D71B6323FF1D.jpeg F7D5D579-6ACE-4678-9992-CAFAE1147A72.jpeg 15157E2F-9F8C-4DA6-920D-84B731EA2982.jpeg 6B0BF5E1-6431-4C07-9B43-8A28D69A8F84.jpeg 1FE7ACD5-2063-4FC4-8A0E-CF8D8953E599.jpeg
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