FS Custom Vintage Burkheimer 9135-4 with spare tip


Custom Vintage Burkheimer 9135-4 with spare tip in practically new condition. Black blank. Comes with rod tube and sack.
I used this rod on a trip to Alaska for 3 days (very few Kings around at that time so only really fished it for 4-5 hours). I had Burkheimer build the rod with titanium guides.

Price: $1000.00 shipped in CONUS
Buyer responsible for PayPal fees.
Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks


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No, just have too many rods in the query. Had hoped to really fall in love with swinging flies for chinook but the runs were late so I missed them when I was in Alaska and my heart truly lies with steelhead. I use 7wts for steelhead so this rod is just a touch too heavy for the steelhead I chase throughout the year.

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