FS Sage Bass II Smallmouth / Galvan Torque T6 Red Reel and Extra 290 Grain Line


A set up that I just wished I actually fished. Sage Bass II Smallmouth Rod in case with original owners name and number sharpied on the outside (I believe I am the second owner). Zipper of case and inside sleeves are in perfect condition. Rod is in great shape with very little marking on the rod, some slight rubbing where the sections join, but otherwise very clean. Cork is soiled as shown, but solid and probably could be brightened up with some cleaning. Galvan Torque T6 Reel is clean. I purchased the reel new and works as new. It has only been on the water twice. I am not seeing any imperfections in the red anodizing. Case included. The line on the spool is in great shape, put onto the reel when it was also new, so only fished twice. (Original box is with it), and there is an extra brand new 290 Grain Sage Bass line included. There is also a practically unfished 8.5' 12lb Bass Bug leader on the spool as well as an unfished leader in the package.

I'd love to sell this locally in Seattle without shipping, $700. Will ship at cost

PXL_20210801_222723244.jpg PXL_20210801_222659398.jpg PXL_20210801_222644519.jpg PXL_20210801_222638088.jpg PXL_20210801_222618840.jpg


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