SOLD Sage X 691-4, Sage X 6101-4, Sage Trout Spey HD 3110-4


Sage X 691-4, 9’0″ 6wt 4pc (photos 1, 2). $600 shipped or In-Person.
Sage X 6101-4, 10’0″ 6wt 4pc (photos 4, 5). Lowered price to $600
Sage Trout Spey HD 3110-4, 11’3″ 3wt 4pc (photo 3). $625 with shipping, $600 in-person cash

UPDATED 10Aug. -- The Mass's have spoken, so I suppose it's time to Cut-To-The-Chase.
NO ONE is at the head of the line now since I have not heard back from the Few who WERE Interested but couldn't come to my Logical Conclusion, or contact me in 2 days !
NEW, Yes Brand New, just like the other two, never fished - and my last Sage X that will be for sale (promise, haha).

No More Dickering Around with Lines or Reels . . . apparently I've "confused" some folks with all my "gibberish" Combo-Deals, haha !?.

Last photo is proof that I own / purchased these rods . . . for any Skeptics amongst up ! ? .

P1000714.JPG P1000715.JPG P1000619.JPG P1000693.JPG P1000692.JPG P1000716.JPG

Thank You All . . . FlyFinaticLou in Eastern Washington State.
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Chris Scoones

North Bend, WA
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Can you update the prices too?
Lou just updated the prices but I've sent him a note on it. Suggesting to either set a single price and then simply note "includes shipping" or "plus shipping".

By the way, Lou... Not picking on you. Over the past week I've been adjusting lots of ads to start following a subject line standard approach.
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