quite the morning of fishing (pic heavy)


It's all good.
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Dang, Billy! If that's not the All Around Outdoorsman post of the year, I don't know what is.
Thanks for doing that, and for sharing it! Makes me feel better about humanity today.

Oh, and I can't believe you're making me consider a trip east in freaking August...those bass! :D


Wow pretty cool story and pretty cool results. This story needs to be shared with The Dodo - site dedicated to folks that have stories like this rescuing animals.


Fishin' to the end, Oc.P
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Left the house at 0330 to try to make the sunrise on a new to me but popular lake. The day got light quick but the smoke lingered: View attachment 290864 I missed a few fish before finally connecting on a chunk: View attachment 290865 The lake was almost totally dead calm. Almost eerie. I never had to set anchor. View attachment 290866 I fished a long ways into the cliffed out area without much action but what a morning to myself. View attachment 290867 The sun started peaking through and I decided to work my way back before it got too hot. View attachment 290868 Not far from the ramp I found a deeper weedline and had the slightest breeze to drift perfectly along. Slammed by a nicer chunk. View attachment 290869 My pattern is simple and it looked like this a few hundred bass ago: View attachment 290870
That deeper weedline quickly became game on and really made my day. Weird because it was getting hot. View attachment 290871 View attachment 290872 View attachment 290873 If you look closely in the last photo you can see a pole. I started hearing a commotion from this nesting box as what I thought was a falcon was hanging upside down with it's mate going bonkers. Although I was on a fun bite I couldn't not do anything. I took the boat out and drove up the hill. No cell service. I drove further up the hill. I dialed 911 and explained I didn't have an emergency but needed to talk to a game warden or wildlife biologist. The dispatcher wasn't sure when they would call me back but she was nice. I felt like with the heat bearing down I needed to see if I could help the bird. I drove back down the hill and hiked carefully through the grass. Shit this isn't good: View attachment 290875 View attachment 290876 I had a tie down hook and a rope and went to trying to throw it up. It felt fruitless. Finally a toss and a connect. But would it work? View attachment 290877 I pulled very hard and stuff started popping and falling down. Then the bird slowly started to drop. View attachment 290878 It's mate buzzed me so close I swear I felt the wind from it. The situation was bad. The bird was hot, panting and I'm sure close to shock. View attachment 290879 I took my shirt and wet it and the bird down with my last cool water and covered it: View attachment 290880 I worked and worked to free the bird. What I truely think was the culprit was fishing line. View attachment 290881 Finally free but was he injured? View attachment 290882 I cleaned up everything. He wasn't flying. I hiked back and again drove up the hill. I called the WDFW Ephrata office. Couldn't get anyone on the phone because it was all pre recorded covid messages. Called the Sheriff and talked to animal control. He texted me a biologist's number. He was a nice guy. Verbalized leaving it and letting nature do it's thing verses trying to get it to rehab and a vet. Now I've hunted my whole life and I wasn't going to leave the bird because I thought maybe it had a broken wing and I just couldn't do it. I drove down and hiked to the bird again with a container if need be to capture it. View attachment 290883 He seemed better and when I got close well...:) View attachment 290884 He flew across the lake!

What a morning!
That is so effing awesome.!

wadin' boot

Donny, you're out of your element...
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Billy, well done, you saved that fledgling osprey's life. Gyrfalcon is right, it's a youngun.....


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Wow, thanks for sharing. What an incredible story. Thanks for you efforts, especially given the meager resources you had to work with. You have a new friend next time you fish that lake!


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Yep...post of the year.
Cemented by a selfless act.

I tried to free an elk calf from a wire fence last year. It was futile without any tools.
The calf panicked as I tried to help and broke its snared foot somehow releasing itself. I watched it run off with the foot swinging.
Shitty moment.

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